Raid Max® Flying Insect Killer 2

Kills flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. 
Raid Fly Raid MAX® Flying Insect Killer 2

Raid Max® Flying Insect Killer 2

Raid Max® Flying Insect Killer is specially formulated to kill a number of flying insects including flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and wasps. 


Flies, Flying Moths, Gnats, Mosquitoes, Wasps


  • Hold container upright while spraying.

Flies, mosquitoes, wasps, gnats and flying moths:

  • Close doors and windows.

  • Direct mist upwards, in a sweeping motion, to all parts of the room, especially windows and other light sources.

  • Apply 6 to 10 second bursts per 30 cubic metres of space.

  • Whenever possible keep doors and windows closed for 25 minutes after each treatment.

  • Keep spray at least 1 metre from interior walls, fabrics and furniture. Ventilate room well after treatment.

Tips & Tricks
tips and tricks


Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.


Remove any possible breeding sites where mosquitoes could lay eggs, even in very small quantities.



Ensure that all screens fit properly and that there are no cracks or holes which would allow flies to enter into the house


Remove dead or decomposing organic matter that serves as fly breeding sites.



Avoid leaving food or drink uncovered when eating outside. Keep all garbage covered in tightly closed containers until it can be thrown out.

d-trans Allethrin (0.25%)

Piperonyl Butoxide (1.00%)

Highlights below.
  • Cover fish bowls and remove pets for one hour when spraying rooms.

  • In homes or dwellings, remove or cover all exposed cooking utensils before spraying.

  • Read the product label before use for additional information and precautions or phone 1-800-558-5566.