Raid Max® Wasp & Hornet Foam Bug Killer 2

Sprays up to 3 metres!
Raid Wasp Raid® Max Wasp & Hornet Foam Bug Killer

Raid Max® Wasp & Hornet Foam Bug Killer 2

Raid Max® Wasp & Hornet Foam Bug Killer kills the nest of wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets.


Kills the nest of wasps, yellowjackets and hornets.

  • Shake well before using.

  • For control of exposed nests of wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets: For use outdoors to treat nests under eaves, near window frames, doorways, carports, picnic areas, and outdoor play areas or anywhere else nests are built. Not for use against nests located underground or in voids.

  • Spray nest at sunrise or sunset when insects are least active.

  • Use only in well ventilated areas.

  • Ensure bystanders are not present during time of application.

  • Stand a safe distance from the nest (1 to 3 metres) and not directly underneath.

  • Spray only if there is no wind or breeze.

  • Hold can upright and away from person.

  • Push the button to spray, aim the actuator at the opening of the nest and spray until soaked. Then spray the rest of the nest until it is saturated. Saturation of the nest is required for control.

  • Observe activity for 24 hours and treat again if necessary. DO NOT reapply within 24 hours of the previous treatment. If no pest activity is observed after 24 hours, the nest may be removed.

  • Avoid spraying vegetation directly. Rinse with water any desirable foliage that was contacted with the spray.

Tips & Tricks

tips and tricks

Before wasps become a problem, inspect your yard and home surroundings in early summer, looking for any wasp activity or paper nests taking shape. Avoid leaving food or drink uncovered when eating outside.


Keep all garbage covered in tightly closed containers until it can be thrown out.


Spraying after nightfall is recommended because wasps are less active at night.

Tetramethrin 0.20%

D-Phenothrin 0.20%

Highlights below.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Harmful if inhaled. Avoid breathing spray.

  • Avoid contact with skin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

  • Do not apply directly to humans, pets, plants or contaminate food, food containers, utensils or food preparation areas.

  • Cover or remove exposed food before use.

  • Remove pets and birds and cover fish aquariums before spraying. This pesticide is toxic to fish and other aquatic invertebrates.

  • Do not apply directly to water.

  • Read the product label before use for additional information and precautions or phone 1-800-558-5566.