General Info
  • Crickets are most active at night
  • Their characteristic chirping is actually made by male crickets rubbing their front wings together as they try to attract female crickets
Where They Hide
  • Indoors, crickets prefer warm, damp places like basements, garages, and crawl spaces
Why They’re A Problem
  • Male crickets will sing to attract mates which can keep you up at night
  • Crickets prefer to eat decaying plant-based foods but they can be a problem in gardens where they eat crop leaves, seeds, and fruits
Tips For Limiting Entry and Avoiding Future Problems
  • Crickets will nest in tall grass so keep your lawn trimmed and remove any tall grasses near your foundation
  • Avoid keeping wood, rocks, and other harborage on the ground where crickets can hide close to the foundation
  • Check firewood for crickets before bringing it inside


Cricket size bar

12.7 to 31.75 millimetres long


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