How do I prevent bugs?


To help keep one bug from becoming a bigger problem, you have to think like a bug. How are they entering your home? What is attracting them? Do regular inspections and ensure that your home is in good repair. Also, check anything that you bring inside from the outside—items like firewood or boxes may harbour bugs that can multiply inside. A seasonal approach can also be helpful. For example, if you frequently see ants crawling around your home in the springtime, be sure to clean your pantry and kitchen as part of your spring-cleaning routine.

Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean

Fighting bugs usually involves a combination of the right products and some good old fashioned cleaning. Bugs come into the home for a variety of reasons: food, water, or shelter. Eliminating the things that attract bugs will keep them from coming in the first place.

Who Are You Dealing With?

Identify the Culprits Before You Treat

The first step in alleviating your problem is knowing which bugs you’re fighting. Use our Bug ID Tool to identify the type of bugs you’re dealing with.

Bug Hiding Spots

Help Prevent Bug Invasions by Eliminating Their Hiding Spots

  • Remove indoor clutter, which will also make it easier to apply treatments
  • Move things stored too close to the outside of the house, like firewood, potted plants, garbage cans, and clutter
  • Check firewood for bugs before bringing it inside
  • Trim shrubbery or trees so they do not come in direct contact with the house
Bugs Shall Not Enter Here
Eliminate These Bug Entry Points By Caulking or Fixing
caulk gun

Repair window or door screens that are ripped or do not fit tightly

Weatherproof the open spaces around windows and doors, particularly between the bottom of the door and the floor

Check vents, utility pipes, and other openings into the home that may need to be sealed, replaced, or repaired

Caulk any points where bugs can enter your home from the outside, such as wall cracks or crevices

Remove Sources of Water
water hose

Bugs need water, so if you give them easy access to a water source, they will keep on coming! Repair leaks indoors, remove standing water outdoors, and lower indoor humidity in basements and other storage areas by using a dehumidifier.

A Bug’s Gotta Eat
Tips for Keeping Bugs Away from Food
cleaning supplies

Do a thorough cleaning of your home on a regular basis. This will help prevent bugs from taking up residence in the nooks and crannies where food debris may build up. Keep food in the kitchen and dining areas—do not allow children to eat around the house, where they can drop crumbs. Wipe up any spills that occur, and seal food in tight-fitting storage containers.

Defend your Home

The Raid® Defence System uses a combination of product options and tips that work together to better battle bugs in your home. Each System is customized, so you can ATTACK and CONTROL bugs with ease.