How do I get rid of ants?

Sweep, Starve, and Secure

Trying to rid your home of ants can be tricky; there is no magic bullet that will get rid of ants entirely. When they invade your home, you may need to fight back with multiple “weapons” such as a combination of cleaning, on-the-spot treatment, and a bait product. In general, the best way to prevent ants is by eliminating the things that attract them, like spills, dirty dishes, and exposed food. Follow that up with a strict regimen of products that kill ants where they live and breed.

Cleanliness is next to Antlessness
kitchen ants

5 Tips for Keeping Ants Out

  1. Clean up food and drink spills
  2. Store food in sealed, air-tight Ziploc® containers
  3. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  4. Wipe down sticky jars of honey, jam, etc. before placing them in the pantry
  5. Regularly sweep and mop floors - especially in the rooms where food is eaten
Keep Calm and Kill the Queen

Don’t be fooled! Ant baits do not trap bugs. Instead of killing them on contact, the baits are designed to let ants feed on them. After the ants feed on the bait, they return to their nest and transfer the bait to the queen and the other ants. So if you see ants crawling around the bait, don’t kill them before they return to the colony! Give the product time to work its magic.

Did you know?

Ants are as attracted to water as they are to food, so it’s important to keep surfaces in your home dry–including sinks!

Expert Tip

Keep Ants from Marching In

Seal windows, doors and cracks with caulk to keep ants from marching in. The three most common home entry points are through unsealed cracks and crevices, the open space between the door and the floor, and vents or utility pipes.

Expert Tip

Don’t Bait and Spray

Do not place baits on surfaces which have been sprayed with an insecticide spray product. Ants traveling over sprayed areas may die before they have a chance to bring the bait back to the colony.

Which product should I use?

Raid® Ant, Roach and Earwig Insect Killer attacks ants, kills on contact, and keeps killing for up to two weeks.This easy-to-use spray allows application to the areas ants may be infesting.

Raid® Ant Baits control and kill ants where they hide. The baits fit snugly in corners and along ant trails.

Raid® Ant, Roach & Earwig Insect Killer can be used where ants enter, such as door sills, baseboards and window frames. Before using this product, be sure to read the label.

Ant<3 Fido's Food
pet food

Because ants will feast on pet food, it’s important to keep kibble in pet dishes only when pets are eating it. If that’s not realistic, try placing pet food bowls in a slightly larger bowl that has been filled with water. By doing so, you’ll create a moat that ants can’t easily cross.

How long do ants live?

The average life expectancy of an ant is only a few weeks. But the colony itself will live for years. That’s why it’s necessary to be aggressive when battling them. You can’t wait for them to die off!

Defend your Home

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