How do I get rid of flies?

Remove Moisture & Secure the Premises

You can’t completely get rid of flies near your home, but there are many things you can do to attack, control, and prevent them from invading your home. When you have a fly problem, the best offense is a good defence! Eliminating areas flies are known to breed in—both inside and outside your home—is your best bet. Also, you can prevent flies from invading by keeping your house sealed up and in good repair.

Spot the Source
trash fruit clean

Flies require moisture to breed. Disposing of moist materials such as garbage or overripe fruit, and cleaning up surrounding areas can drastically reduce your chances of having a fly problem.

Fly-Friendly Breeding Grounds:

  1. Garbage cans, both inside and out
  2. Overripe fruit that’s been left on the counter
  3. Garbage disposal drains
  4. Sink and floor drains
  5. Recyclables
  6. Wet soil
  7. Pet feces
Secure Your Surroundings

Even if the areas around your home are kept nice and tidy, flies that are off your property may look for a way inside to find what they want. Keeping your house sealed should be your next line of defence. Be sure to keep your doors closed, your windows sealed, and your window screens without holes. Caulking cracks near windows or doors is also a good idea.

Fight the War on Flies

If there aren’t many flies, grab that newspaper and get to work! If there are more flies than your newspaper can handle, try Raid® Mosquito and Fly Killer
to kill those annoying flies. To kill multiple flies indoors, spray until the room is thoroughly misted. To kill just one or two stray flies, spray them directly. Be sure to read the label instructions before using this product.

Expert Tip

Keep Drains on the Brain

Indoor drains aren’t always the first place you’d think small flies would breed, but their moist, gunky conditions are prime for fly larvae. Keep your drain clean by proactively cleaning and scrubbing it before a problem occurs. TIP: Make sure to use cleaning products that are only labeled for drains and do not apply any Raid® products to the drain. Hot water alone will not work in the long run.

Deal with the Doo-Doo
dog cat

If you have a pet, be sure to clean up their waste promptly. Flies are most attracted to waste that’s less than a day old, so disposing of it right away will give them one less place to breed.

Defend your Home

The Raid® Defence System uses a combination of product options and tips that work together to better battle bugs in your home. Each System is customized, so you can ATTACK and CONTROL bugs with ease.